Homeopath Pierre Fontaine.is Reversing Autism Using Homeopathy.
Photo of Homeopath Pierre Fontaine.

Reversing Autism using Homeopathy is happening NOW! Pierre Fontaine, CCH & RSHom (Autism Homeopathic Specialist) is a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths “RSHom (NA)” and is certified by the Council on Homeopathy Certification “CCH.”

Before studying Homeopathy, Pierre spent five years investigating a wide range of alternative health care therapies such as  Acupuncture, Herbal, and Vitamin therapies as well as Ayurvedic medicine. After briefly enrolling in the Gary Null School of Nutrition and while contemplating registration at the Tristate School of Acupuncture. Pierre discovered Homeopathy… and it was “love at first sight!”

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An Early Podcast of Pierre’s Introducing His Approach to Treating Autism.

Pierre Fontaine's Three Books: Available on Amazon.

"The Language of Autism", Published December, 2023

"One Heart ONE MIND", Published April 2016

"Homeopathy, sweet Homeopathy", Published April 2009

Pierre Fontaine is Dedicated To Reversing Autism Using Homeopathy

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Years of Experiences

Why Are More & More People Using Homeopathy?


Medicines are safe for pregnant women, babies, and seniors

Treats You

Homeopathy treats You: physically, mentally and emotionally.

~200 Years

Homeopathy has been practiced by professionall and lay people alike for ~200 years - proving it's enduring popularity and success.

Long Lasting

Remedies are long-lasting and deep acting.

No Side Effects

Medicines don't have any side effects.

Root of your problem

Homeopathy practitioners addresses the root of your problem.

Pierre Fontaine, RSHom (NA), CCH, has been a Professional Homeopathy Consultant since 1994, focusing his practice exclusively on the treatment of ASD the past 15 years. He has developed a unique methodology that enables him to successful treat the most difficult cases. What Pierre has accomplished for others’ children – He can accomplish for yours!

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