This case study of homeopathic studies is an excerpt from Pierre Fontaine's book "Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy: Coming Home to Perfect Health". Available on Amazon.
“My Son Needs Consciousness”

Pierre Fontaine , U.S.A

Case presented at the NASH conference.

Boy 8 yr


History of ear infections.

“My son needs consciousness. He is not here.”

“He has difficulties staying on tasks or following directions. Super fast in math. Difficulties with cooperation. Loves to read. He hangs out in the bathroom in school. He curses at the baby sitter.”

“He is not very good at making friends in school because he has his own agenda. Kids don’t want to spend time with him. He is a loner. He is usually hot.”

Obs: The child is totally avoiding, does not pay any attention to mother when she asks him a question or makes a comment, he has a cracked, red lower lip.

When I tried to get his attention I was met by his absolute inability to focus any kind of attention on me. I repeated his name several times. It was as if he were not there. Nothing registered. In my experience the best way to get children’s attention is to ask them about their dreams.

“I’m on a boat, the whole family gets off the boat and I go home but my parents are not home. I pound on the door but it is not locked. I watch TV. When it’s almost time to go to bed a T-rex crashes through the ceiling. A helicopter chases me trying to kill me with water. The T-rex swats the helicopter and saves me. We then go to sleep.

Likes meat and sour.

“I was upset and frenzied for a couple of days. The last four months were very grueling. I had to go on a diet because I was diagnosed with diabetes. I lost 10 lbs during the pregnancy. Constantly on the go. So upset I had to limit what I had to eat. I felt tired all the time. Physically draining to be pregnant. Limitation in food was a great challenge. I felt like I was on an island all alone by myself. I can see the city over there and the ferry is not going to come for a long time. It is a desolate place. The ferry has its own agenda. I am at the ferry’s mercy.”

I felt the mother’s beautifully unique and eloquently explained state during pregnancy was the case. She felt like on an island at the mercy of the ferry. It is very difficult to escape from an island which is why the most famous jails are built on islands. Secondly she felt at the mercy of the ferry much like at the mercy of the guards in a camp. The ferry was withholding the food. She had no say, she felt her freedom terribly restricted. The dream of the child reflects the idea of being alone and not being able to escape. The helicopter is right above. One can never escape the searchlight of a helicopter. It is a situation similar (but updated by children’s exposure) to the mother during pregnancy. After repertorization it was clear that none of the remedies were accurate enough. Using Jan’s thematics I knew:
1: I needed a remedy that was not only alone but at the mercy others.
2: Issue of food.

Rx: Natrum Iodatum 30C (Helios)

Jan Scholten says in “Homeopathy and minerals:” “They are completely alone in their struggle for life. It may be a matter of getting something to eat. The most basic right of food is taken away, as well as other rights, such as freedom of movement , freedom of expression and the right to have some belongings. Such a person has no say in the situation and is dependent on the whims of his guard. A third variation is the feeling that all possibilities of escape have been taken away. This is a concentration camp situation.”

This fitted the case most perfectly.

FOLLOW UP: 1 month
“Behavioral improvement in school. Beginning of remedy big improvement in attitude and behavior. Whereas he did not have any sign of conscience before, now much better. The teacher noticed change of behavior and attitude. Definite changes.
Obs: Appears much calmer and matures.

Does not stay angry as long. More eager to please. Doing things more on his own. Doing his homework. Not as distractible.

At home, happier. Not waking up as angry. More selective about things he is carrying in his pocket. Not as dependent on his brother.

PHONE: 2 weeks later.
“Coughing, sneezing, sore throat. fever does not feel cold.
OJ. Cold food. Hot food.”
Rx: Phytolacca

This was not an aggravation from the remedy. It was clearly a cold/sore throat infection that needed a remedy.

“Cleared up before we arrived at doctor’s office so he did not even see him.”

“I can see he is slipping back into his old ways.”
Rx: Repeat.

FOLLOW UP: 1 month
“He is really well. Very helpful at home. He is like a different kid. His brother bothers him but he does not respond like before.”
Rx: Wait

FOLLOW UP: 6 months later
“He has been doing very well in school. He is pleasant. Nowhere near the way he was when I first brought him.”

Close to two years later he continues to do very well. I treated his brother who was diagnosed with ADD after it became clear that his own restlessness was beginning to be a maintaining cause in the brother’s case. The brother has done beautifully well on Baryta carb. Both continue to be superbly well now.