Homeopathy Can Reverse Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder in which children have impaired or poor communication and social skills. It usually becomes apparent within the first two years of life (but some mild cases get diagnosed during early schooling).

Using Homeopathy to treat Autism can be effective. Since starting his Professional Homeopath practice in 1994. Pierre has authored three books, two describing his (2 decades) refined treatment approach for Autism: “One Heart, One Mind” (2017), and “The Language of Autism” (2023) (both available on Amazon).

Since starting his practice in 1994, Pierre has become a leading authority in the field of using Homeopathy to treat Autism. His breakthrough methods have been described in these last two books.

Autism is a developmental illness whereby neurological blockages limit the child’s normal cognitive-development.

Pierre says that the central nervous system should be a key area of focus in treatment.

According to Pierre Fontaine, (affectionately called “The Autism Whisperer” by parents), Autism is partially a disease of chaos in the body as it affects so many different organ systems.  The key to returning a child to neuro-typicality depends upon Pierre’s highly individualized method.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder ("ASD")?

Autism Spectrum Disorder​

ASD is a developmental condition that (according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) affects one out of every 36 children. The word is derived from the Ancient Greek: autos, which means self, and ismos, which denotes condition or direction.

In his book The Language Of Autism, Pierre dispels the notion that Leo Kanner introduced the concept of Autism in 1943. Pierre traces Autism back to 1304, but most notably since 1799, up to today.

When the term “autism” is used in a broad sense, it typically refers to this disease, which displays itself before the age of three.

Later on, the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger also documented a less pronounced form of autism in the mid-1940s, in which the ability to speak and social interaction is less impaired, the so-called Asperger’s Syndrome.

In addition to these two manifestations, there is also atypical autism, which is characterized by limitations in two of the three central areas of social interaction, communication, or stereotypical behavior. It can be varied, depending on whether or not there is a delay in language development.

Homeopathic remedies (when properly prescribed) have been shown to improve and even reverse ASD in many cases.

Characteristics of ASD:

Broadly speaking, there are four main characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder :

  • Lack of eye contact
  • Behavior and Sensory Integration
  • Rigid repetitive behaviors
  • Difficulty in social interaction, learning language, and developing communication skills. 

What are the causes of Autism?

Causes of Autsim Spectrum Disorder

Presently, the exact cause of autism spectrum disorder is unknown. Many theories propose multiple different causes of autism. What’s evident in all of these theories is that Autism patients no longer have the similar internal “sync” as normal healthy children.  Autism is a full biochemical disorder that causes a youngster to frequently display an obvious state of ailing distress.

Between the ages of one and two and a half, there is a barrier in receptive and expressive cognition. A state of total biological disarray develops at that point in time. There are many theories about what has caused this alarming sharp increase in Autism diagnoses in recent decades.

People have different ideas about what causes autism. Some of these theories revolve around: 

  • The mother’s physiological status during her pregnancy;
  • Bad Intestinal microbes from increased usage of insecticides in the food chain;
  • Reactions to elements contained in vaccinations, genetic predisposition;
  • Others think their lack of emotional regulation from unstructured or inadequate supports in early development.


In Pierre’s experience, such factors as these above contributing to the revelation of the correct homeopathic remedy happens in very few cases. Advanced professional homeopathic practice does not rely too heavily (if at all) on such speculative causes of Autism while searching for the optimal homeopathic remedy.


Symptoms of Autism Spectrum

Typically, individuals living with ASD have deficits in social, emotional, and communication skills coupled with obsessive repetitive behaviors. Autistic children have been seen to develop the propensity of using numerous catchphrases at random, which they may have picked up from books or television. They are easily agitated by any alteration in their regular routine. For many people, routine gives a sense of security. People with autism spectrum disorder have different ways of:

  • Learning
  • Playing
  • Socializing
  • Paying attention
  • Understanding the world around them.

Autism symptoms can be recognized as early as infancy, and with the help of support personnel and proper adjustments, they can improve or reduce over their school years.

List of Autism symptoms

Social Skills

Language Development

Learning Development

Emotions – signs and symptoms

Signs of autism are recognizable at the beginning of early childhood and may increase or decrease with the assistance of support staff, including appropriate modifications throughout their school-age years

Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

In professional practice since 1994, Pierre has been applying the therapeutic methodology of “Classical Homeopathy” to help Autistic patients.  To this training and experience, Pierre adds his unique refined methodology to address and reverse this challenging disease.

Using these methods, Pierre strives to alleviate as many symptoms as possible per patient.

While Autism is commonly thought to be a neurological abnormality, Pierre asserts that Autism is also a disease of a leaky disorder in the body, as it often affects multiple organs simultaneously.

“Autism could also be the result of cerebral obstructions that stops a child from growing correctly.”

Pierre claims that the cerebral cortex is a major source of autism anxiety, more so than other affected organs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pierre Fontaine became a Professional Homeopath in 1994.  Starting off as a generalist (addressing all ailments), his practice eventually matured to addressing Autism exclusively. He's had notable successes reversing autism using Classical Homeopathy. 

While Autism is conventionally assumed to be a congenital disorder, it can also be an indication of an obstruction in the brain that prohibits the child from functioning optimally.

As compared to mainstream neurological rehab programs, Pierre's method emphasizes everyday routines with the children. Brain research studies show that doing quick workouts many times a day improves the learning process and also increases neuroplasticity, or the ability to learn new things and remodel the brain.

To help achieve optimal developmental capabilities in their child, families should engage in these regular home exercises. The activities are basic enough that older and younger siblings, as well as friends, may assist.

Pierre's experience shows that parents' active involvement, combined with the medication and activities, are positive synergistic adjuncts... and the key to success. Whereas children with medium impairments oft times remained at this level due to their parents' unwillingness or inability to begin a regular program at home - worse-off patients with multiple brain injuries could thrive where their parents were actively involved.

(Pierre can also advise you on how to use supplementary facilities like integration assistance.)

Pierre promotes synergy and  cooperation with complementary therapy providers such as curative teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists as well as riding therapists and climbing therapy.

Any other therapies that have already seemed to provide the child with beneficial results may be continued alongside with Pierre's treatment process.

In Classical Homeopathy, there is no special diet required to treat Autism. .


Pierre has found one particularly common exception to this general rule - children who are overtly allergic to any particular food group, such as dairy or nuts.  If a child reacts negatively to any known food item, then it makes sense to remove this food entirely.

But generally (besides allergens), children should be able to get back on fresh foods without causing any problem.

There are four distinctive behaviors that characterize children with classic autism: Lack of eye contact, Poor behavior and sensory integration, Rigid repetitive behaviors, Difficulty in social interactions (Westling & Fox, 2004; Deutsch-Smith, 2004; Heward, 2006; Gargiulio, 2004)

Other frequent signs of classic autism include:
• Difficulty communicating needs; instead of words, utilizes gestures or pointing 
• Difficulty connecting to and blending in with others 
• Does not respond to traditional teaching techniques
• Does not react to verbal signals 
• Does not react to verbal signals 
• Makes little or no eye contact 
• Is too or underlie sensitive to discomfort 
• Does not react to verbal signals 
• Has hard time expressing and receiving physical affection

Has no legitimate fears of danger
• Maintains inaccurate attachments to objects
• Motor skills are unbalanced
• Throws a lot of tantrums.
• Prefers to be isolated and unapproachable manner
• Reiteration of phrases and words in place of ordinary, responsive language
• Stubbornness
•Throws things

There is no established singular explanation for Autism, according to the Autism Society of America (2005), although it is widely assumed that it is caused by irregularities in brain structure or function. Brain scans reveal variations in the form and structure of Autistic versus non-Autistic children's brains.

Classical Homeopathy asserts that illness is not a biological issue that can be addressed by diet alone. All illnesses (including Autism) are caused by an abnormality, or  disruption, to the patient's bio-electrical matrix that constitutes a normal healthy person.

Classical Homeopathy addresses the imbalance and dysfunction that disease causes to this bio-electric dynamic force of a normal healthy individual.

The disruption and resulting imbalance of a patient's bio-electric dynamic force is the origin of all illness and disease. This is where & how Pierre's  Autism therapy works. Pierre's chosen remedy ideally has a direct effect on remediating the disease-affected maladjustment of the patient's bio-electric dynamic force.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder manifests in 3- and 4-year-olds who had properly grown up until about the age of two. Over the course of many months, a child with this disorder experiences worsening cognitive, social, and verbal skills from previously normal behavior (U.S. National Library of Medicine 2004b).

Children who appeared to be normal before who suffer from Childhood Disintegrative Disorder experience:
Language impairment, social engagement impairment, toileting and self-care abilities are lost, and there may be a general lack of interest in the surroundings.

The child generally develops an autistic appearance, which means that the clinical presentation (but not the history) is typical of a child with ASD (Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic, 2006) and looks very similar.

Affected children demonstrate a lack of communicative abilities, nonverbal behavior, regression, and substantial loss of previously learned skills. The symptoms are quite similar to those of typical autism.

Symptoms of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder may also include (U.S. National Library of Medicine 2004b):

• Social skills are deteriorating

• Inability to regulate bladder and bowel movements

• Language loss, either expressive or receptive

• Motor skills deterioration

• A lack of opportunity to play

• Inability to form peer connections

• Affectation of nonverbal behaviors

• Lack of spoken language or a delay in speaking

• Lack of capacity to initiate or maintain a conversation.

Disintegrative Disorder in children must be distinguished from schizophrenia in children and Pervasive Developmental Disorder in children (PDD). The lack of developmental milestones is one of the most critical symptoms of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2004b).

Rett Syndrome (RS) is a neuro-degenerative condition that nearly exclusively affects women of all races and ethnicities across the world (International Rett Syndrome Association, 2005). The inability to perform normal physical movement and activities is Rett Syndrome's most debilitating characteristic. This affects every bodily action, including eye gazing and speech. Other diagnostic symptoms of Rett Syndrome (International Rett Syndrome Association, 2005; National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2005c) include:

• A period of apparent normal or near-normal growth until the child is 6–18 months old
• period of brief slowdown or relapse during which the infant loses interpersonal skills and the ability to use his or her hands for a purpose.
• repetitive hand motions
• postural abnormalities
• cerebral development slows down
• Seizures
• unusual breathing pattern after waking up.
•Following the loss of functional use of the hands, compulsive hand motions such as wringing and washing emerge.

Homeopath Pierre Fontaine.is Reversing Autism Using Homeopathy.

Pierre Fontaine Has Been Successfully Reversing Autism For Close To Thirty Years

In professional practice since 1994, Pierre has been applying the therapeutic methodology of “Classical Homeopathy” to help Autistic patients.

Using these plus his own uniquely derived methods, Pierre strives to alleviate as many symptoms as possible per patient.

Can Pierre Fontaine Guarantee Success?

Pierre finds that 50% of his patients achieve significant and measurable improvement, 40% of his patients achieve reversal (the desired/best outcome), and 10% display no improvement.  Although Pierre tries as hard as possible to achieve reversal/success in every case… each case is different, each patient is different… and alas… he is not able to guarantee a successful result in every case.

Mainstream Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Typical Mainstream Medicine treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often involve use of anti-seizure and anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Classes. This approach often includes the use of supplements, antibiotics, and anti-fungal medications.

In contrast to the Mainstream Medicine Approach, Pierre observes that because Autism impacts so many multiple organs in the body, it’s essentially a disease of excessive imbalance.

It’s a complete shambles… CHAOS!

Pierre asserts that in the majority of cases he sees, the central nervous system is the major source of Autism anxiety, rather than the patient’s physical body.  This simple but critical delineation guides Pierre’s observations of his patients, research and analysis of their individual expressions of illness, and his ultimate selection of the most optimally indicated homeopathic remedy for each patient.

Recommended Games for Children with Autism

  • Sorting and Organizing Games
  • Memory and Matching Games
  • Stacking Objects
  • Stress Balls
  • Tactile Play with Kinetic Sand, Water Tables

When should you get your child evaluated for Autism or ASD?

Child Evaluated For Autism